This website will soon morph into WOOD DOING GOOD.   It will have more products that make reusing fun & easy. Please stay tuned!

Bag dryer on counter drying bags, water bottle (600x800)

Bag dryer mounted on wall or side of cabinet drying plastic bag, cloth bag 595x700bag dryer kit in package showing label

Re-use, Re-duce, & Re-place your plastic bags

Keep them out of the waste stream and save $$

Use the dryer on your counter, or move one tiny screw to hang it vertically!

$18.49 + $5.50 shipping + handling, through Square online store. 

Through Square online store: Order now!  – Order a dozen!  – Give them as gifts!

Or order from AmazonEtsy, Ebay, Real Goods, Reuseit, or Life Without Plastic

Stores in Asheville, NC that carry LoveThisBagDryer!: French Broad Food Coop,  West Village Market, Villagers, The Littlest Birds, Kitchen and Company (in River Hills Plaza near Michaels). More to come.

LoveThisBagDryer helps you recycle

Dimensions:  Base 3″ x 9½”. Dowels 15½” and 9½”, at 10° angle. Easy-to-follow instructions for assembly and maintenance.

Happy customer raves: “I love this wood bag dryer! Assembly was easy – took only about 5 minutes. Now I can conveniently wash and dry all the sizes of bags I want to re-use, including produce bags from grocery stores. The design really works.”
Eco-minded customer points out, “What a wonderful gift that actually allows people to consume less, not more.”
Awed customer gushes: “I shopped and shopped everywhere for a sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, cost efficient bag dryer. This is it. There is no other dryer like this ‘out there.'”
Appreciative/deceptive customer admires, “It is beautifully hand made. People think I made your cool art piece!”
Delighted customer wonders: “How did we ever live without our plastic bag dryer?”

See the reasons to re-use plastic bags.